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Links to 'remove cookies on browsers' pages

I'm guessing most people need to be seen as being helpful in removing cookies (which have already been set by the time the user sees the privacy and cookie policy) It would be great to build in links to the most up-to-date instructions from the main brwsers on how to remove cookies.
  • Hi Zander, I'm not sure what you are saying exactly? There are links to the main four browsers, IE, Chrome, Safari and Firefox in the cookie policy. Do you want to say that there are more up to date instructions out there? Thank you Simon
  • really? where is that?
  • Ah Zander, I'm sorry I mistook your question. You are not actually using our cookie policy, you are just using the privacy policy. We are right now beta-ing our cookie policy for our Italian users. Here's an example Here's another one on Jsfiddle Currently this is still in beta for italian users, as mentioned above. You may want to add browser information manually as a custom service? Best regards, Simon
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