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Need Verification email

Hi Jason, try now, should have been fixed :)
  • I created a privacy policy but cannot figure out how to view it (again) and edit it to make necessary changes.
  • have you tried checking your dashboard at ?
  • That is so weird. I click that so many times (the dashboard) and did not see that until I clicked the link you sent.
  • In your interface I feel like i have everything filled out but on the actual page it doesn't show my company name
  • Plus I have clicked the box to remove branding and your link is still at the bottom of the page.
  • Hi Jason could you be more precise?
  • Also, in the first picture you see where it reads "WWW" i have circled it. How do i change what that shows or remove it? When I click the pencil next to it to edit it and write something in, it does not stick
  • Hi Jason, as of the problem with the site name change, we're inspecting it. As of the link at the bottom of your policy, it's not our branding, that's just to disclose that we host that page, which – being it a privacy policy – we're required to do :)
  • Hey Jason, In addition to Andrea's answer, here's an image and a link that will help clear things up. What's the issue with the www part exactly? That's where you put in your website's address (It's a way to find your policies if you have more than one). Here's an image: For the issue with the second image, the "branding" is actually gone. What you are pointing to is our disclosure that iubenda is actually hosting the page, this we have to do in order to have a complete privacy policy. Here's a link to a . Let me know if this clears things up for you, Simon
  • I have not received my email verification. I have changed it as well but it will not send. I have paid for service but cannot generate the personalized policy.
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