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Servizio per Saricamento Contenuti

Salve, avrei bisogno di aggiungere alla Privacy Policy un servizio per il caricamento di immagini sul mio sito, ho provato a scorrerli tutti ma non ho trovato un servizio inerente il caricamento di contenuti. Ho visto bene o mi sono perso il servizio tra i tantissimi proposti? Grazia in anticipo Cordiali Saluti
  • Hi Nicola, I'm answering in English right now, if that doesn't work for you let me know and I'll answer in Italian or get someone else to answer in Italian. 1. There is no perfect fit in our existing service database for you. There are various reasons for this, "upload images to my website" can mean many things. Are they your images? Are they images taken by someone else? Are they images that show other people? If it is actually relevant on the privacy front, then you'll want to describe what you are doing in a custom service like this: > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) 2. Maybe you are actually looking for a terms document that says something like you'll own the images once they are uploaded, or you'll have certain rights to those pictures. All the copyright relating topics need to be discussed in a terms document. Hope this helps? Simon
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