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Crawlability; Australian Privacy Act; Page Load Time

I've integrated my Privacy Policy code using direct text embedding, which in essence is still just link to a webpage on iubenda's website, therefore how will Google's spider and/or the Google Adwords robot know the Privacy Policy is truly mine when it crawls my website? Does the Privacy Policy comply with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and its March 2014 amendments? Also, it loads very slowly - it takes 4-5 seconds to render - can that be improved?
  • Hi Anthony, There are a couple of things that I might have missed in/from your statements, so if that's the case please say so. Crawling: Privacy policies/terms are usually seen as examples of pages that can be ignored by search engine spiders because they're not relevant for search. They're relevant to your visitors when they reach your site and start using it. What's your point here? Load time: We're in the middle of a server migration, therefore some minor improvements can be expected in the short term Compliance: We're still waiting for news, but we think we are pretty much there information/disclosure wise - if a policy is set up correctly and . If anything comes up we will react accordingly. There are two things I'd suggest you take a look at. The act specifies that the facts should be disclosed 5. how an individual may complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles, or a registered APP code (if any) that binds the entity, and how the entity will deal with such a complaint; 6. whether the entity is likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients; 7. if the entity is likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients—the countries in which such recipients are likely to be located if it is practicable to specify those countries in the policy. Now the question is whether you'd want to give a bit more information about that. I guess a good bet is the OAIC's own website and they don't seem to go overboard with this kind of information either:
  • Thanks Simon, My point re crawling is that you say it's important to comply with Google's Adwords, Adsense and Analytics Terms and Conditions by including relevant clauses in your Privacy Policy - I thought that aside from it obviously being relevant to your site visitors that it was also important to Google and that they determine if you're complying by spidering your site (otherwise the only other way they could tell is by having a person inspect your site)?
  • Anthony, Yes I suspected that this may have been the main issue. I actually don't know how Google determines this, it's not that they will go after most people (they still want their business). It's just a very good way of making sure people understand why a privacy policy is needed. Many website owners wouldn't fall under some sort of privacy regulation, they are however required by these terms to post a privacy policy. In any case, the spidering is a non-issue, which you shouldn't be worried about.
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