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Linking to Policy Twice in Same Page

Hi, sorry, we have another question if you don't mind. On our contact page, we have linked to our privacy policy twice: once in the body of the page, and again in the footer. The footer link is site wide (button style). We notice however, that having this second link causes the button not to render, and the privacy policy opens in a full web page as opposed to an overlay. Is there anything we can do to keep the second link, but still have the footer link render properly to match the rest of the site? Many thanks in advance. Niall
  • Hi Niall, You're probably using an old version of our embedding code. Just change your code to the new one, that you can get right from your dashboard, and the two links will work properly even on the same page. Let me know :)
  • Hi Andrea, Perfect! Many thanks! All the best, Niall
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