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How do I remove the iubenda brand from my policy?

I generated my privacy policy and it ended up with a banner in the bottom that has a button saying "generate yours". I want to remove that, I was following this support tutorial but it seems out of date because I don't see the "integration tab" next to the tab "owner", just as it appears in the image. Does anybody know how to fix this problem?
  • yes there is no such thing in the settings.
  • Here, I have a checkbox where I can check "No brand" :)
  • I see no setting to remove branding either and do have the Pro account! Any solution yet?
  • Can a member of the iUbenda Team please address this. I also need to remove the branding and like the others who have commented here in recent days, I see no way of getting rid of the branding despite following the tutorial link above.
  • I also seem to have the Integration tab missing and also the disable branding button. Noticed that a few things have been moved around. So I checked the embed section, which contains a few of the elements that we see on the Integration page, but still no branding button. Any ideas appreciated!
  • I have checked no brand but mine is still there...
  • I have tried selecting the "White label" tickbox (when you choose embed) but it make no difference and Iubenda branding is still shown at footer of privacy policy.Can you advise as soon as there is a fix?
  • Yes there are docs for removing branding as it is an option and reason for buying the Pro license. Now I have pro the docs are not matching the dashboard. There is no option for me to remove branding. Please explain and fix this.
  • Yes I have the same problem. I bought the Pro license and also selected the "White Label" tickbox. The branding still remains. No change by embedding the code for the text of the policy directly to my website either. The method to remove the branding as shown in the help guides is not consistent with what you see on screen. There is no integration tab, nor is there an option to remove the branding. We would appreciate an answer to this. I have sent a couple of messages and still have received no response.
  • same problem, do you have a solution?
  • I tried also to remove branding by checking "White label" but in this way only the Iubenda icon on the button disappear; the footer on the Privacy Policy with "Generate yours" button still there. Please help
  • But do you have a technical support that can answer? I have to create new privacy for customers, but they do not want the jubenda logo, before doing so I would like my problem to be resolved, also because I'm paying for the pro version. The integration card is missing in order to remove the brand.
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