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Wix Cookie Solution Plugin

Please offer a Wix plugin to enable integration of the cookie solution.

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  • Not much help to you at the moment but I can attest that Articulate are working on this.


  • I finally got the solution for my website and now it is working fine for me. Thanks

  • What is this file
  • Wix uses cookies for important reasons, such as: to provide a better experience for your guests and customers. To identify your registered members (users who have registered on your site). To monitor and analyze the performance, operation and effectiveness of Wix platform.

  • If we are designing a website from scratch for a client like same website as APKLUB MOD APK Website, is it necessary that we make a privacy policy by ourselves or should we ask them if they need the page? I am really confused



    I also experienced a similar problem and I have been looking for a solution for the same issue. The issue is not resolved. If anybody knows kindly share a detailed article's URL of any website in the comment section.


  • Thanks it working fine for my website.

  • The problem is actually solved as i was facing it here at Ball blast but it's solved now.


     Still Facing same issue and looking for some expert opinion. Some help me thanks

  • Still facing the same issue. Has anyone solved the problem?

  • Still the solution is unavailable.

  • Hola
  • As I am using this for my website It's working very fine thanks 


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