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Pay for each project plan

A plan for paying for each project instead of paying yearly
  • So you're thinking about a one-time fee? How much would you pay for it?
  • Maybe it could depend on the services selected, but I think that 5$ may be a nice fee
  • 5$ for what? Uhm I don't get you!
  • Sorry, I mean 5$ for a single project. But maybe you could consider a fee of 20 to 50 cents for each selected service.
  • The current pricing is $27 per website, but we keep a Free version. You propose a huge price drop to the $27 plan. Is this what you mean or something else? :)
  • WOW, I missed the part where it says "for each policy and additional language". Well, it's more expensive as I've understood. But, then, I think I'm missing something .. What exactly do you offer? For $ 27 seems very expensive to build a privacy policy.
  • Companies spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to build a privacy policy and you're getting a professionally written for $27. How is that expensive?
  • @Eduardo, thank you very much for your comment. Our goal is exactly to provide a consultancy-level service, usually payed $1,000, at just $27 per year.
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