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Can I continue using the document after my subscription expires?

Without disparaging it in any way, I'm not sure how valuable the update service is to us. If I purchase the one-year license ($27) can I continue displaying the privacy policy at the end of the year without renewing my subscription?
  • Hi, unfortunately you won't be able to keep using the privacy policy, as this is forbidden by our terms of service :)
  • Hi mpavey, I'll just add in the reasoning for this (as "why is it forbidden by our terms"): the service is constantly being updated by us with the addition of new clauses, changes to obsolete text and additions following international legislation; you can constantly make changes from the iubenda dashboard yourself, websites and apps are "living creatures" that change with time. So does the privacy policy if it is kept up to date properly; As a matter of fact you can change anything at any time as long as you have your license; last but certainly not least, we offer a self-updating privacy policy written by lawyers that would cost several 100 dollars (no updates down the road) for free/$27 a year. When you don't need it anymore, you can just let the license run out. The reason why the license is so affordable is that we believe that our users will stay with us and receive ongoing benefits. Hope this helps with making it more understandable.
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