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Australian Privacy

Does iubenda satisfy Australian privacy rules.
  • Hi there James, Australia is special in some way since there are some changes on the way for 2014 you need to know about. You may find some information regarding this change on the recent blog post here: We think those changes are great for consumer privacy, but we'll have to see how things develop. So while iubenda is mainly built/based on European privacy laws, we also strive to work in the changes that'll come with the updated privacy act. I hope this helps!
  • So have the compliance requirements all been worked into the pro version of the product yet?
  • Hey Ben, As a tool we can't promise a 100% compliance, also because in the end the user puts the policy together with the tools we provide. Having said that, I've gone through the requirements on various occasions and didn't stumble upon things that required drastic changes from our side. Since we're working with a local law firm, we expect further learnings to be implemented into the generator as we go. There's one custom job about to be completed for Australia, which could potentially trigger some changes. I'm happy to answer questions if you've come across anything in particular. Hope this helps for now, Simon
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