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In the UK, do I need a separate Cookie Policy for my website?

I notice that some sites have both Privacy Policy and Cookie Policies. But is this required. Would it be sufficient to have the iubenda Privacy Policy alone? I'm based in the UK, if that affects anything.
  • Hi Samuel, Thanks for the question and sorry for letting this slip. I couldn't find any evidence that the information commissioner in the UK *requires* a separate document so far. The latest documentation regarding cookies and implied consent seems to be found in . Two of the most important takeaways are these: Once you know what you do, how you do it and for what purpose, you need to think about the best method for gaining consent. The more privacy intrusive your activity, the more you will need to do to get meaningful consent. (...) Making the hyperlink more than simply “privacy policy” : this could involve a link through some explanatory text (“Find out more about how our site works and how we put you in control”)
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