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fix spelling errors/issues in German version of the Cookie Solution text

Hello there, thank you for your feedback. 1) The Duden states that "zurate" is to be preferred, which is what we base the copy on. 2) What would you like to translate it into? Thank you
  • Two points: 1. In the German version of the Cookie Solution text, at the end of the first paragraph, there is a space missing between the two words "zu" and "rate". Right now the text reads: ".... ziehen Sie bitte die Cookie-Richtlinien zurate." The text *should* read: ".... ziehen Sie bitte die Cookie-Richtlinien zu rate." 2. Regarding the option to add custom text for the Cookie Policy link: In German, as in many other languages, the article that appears before a noun changes depending on whether it is masculine/feminine/neutral and also on the position of the noun in the sentence. Because of this, if I want to customize the wording used for "Cookie Policy" then the word "the" before it needs to be part of the text that I can customize. I do realize I could put in custom text for this whole block, but I would prefer not to, in case there is some legal reason this text needs to be updated at a future point in time. Thanks for your help and for creating a great product!
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