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Scripts causing Dreamweaver to hang . . . . .

Hello I use Dreamweaver with split screen – code on left , wysiwyg on the right But when I open “Live View” on the right, (which is needed often) scripts cause Dreamweaver to hang for 10 seconds constantly ... We have two different scripts on almost all our pages, Iubenda, and AdRoll, (and also a search box, which is plain html, not sure if this is part of the problem) Choosing “Disable Java” in Dreamweaver works fine - Have to do every time you open a page to work on, a small hassle, but not a big deal Others have suggested to wrap the script in a comment: etc but with Iubenda, that causes the button icon to not show, just “Privacy Policy” in plain text is there a different option for “embed” for the button? Any ideas? Thanks
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