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Customizing Cookie Law Banner?

Good evening, we're an italian web agency and we're working on our clients' websites to make them comply to the cookie law before June 2nd. We're using iubenda to redact the privacy policies of the sites, and would also like to use your Cookie Solution - mostly for the useful API that would allow us to block the tracking scripts before the user has accepted to get them. Everything seems to be working fine, but we'd like to be able to customize the looks of the banner to suit the style of the website it's on. We're talking specifically about the black box that slides from the top with the ok button - the policy modal is just fine. We noticed that the html for that box is made in such a way that we cannot override it through our CSS - and I get the reason why. We also tried using our own banner, but this way we'd lose the ability to block/enable the tracking scripts with your classes... So... is there any way of customizing your Cookie Law Banner, or to make our own that still works with your cookie blocking system? I hope so, because it would help us out a lot. Thank you in advance for your time, hoping to get a useful answer!
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