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Integrate your Privacy Policy to cover

They have a popular Rewards/Competition cloud solution found on many websites.
  • Hi John, the service seems a little confusing as to what it does exactly (I'm not saying it is, but it seems to cover various things). Can you tell me what you use it for? Thanks
  • Yeh sure, Gleam allows business owners to run competitions. So when a customer wants to enter the competition, they have to follow the steps to enter. For example, to gain entry into the competition, a person could visit a Facebook page. By visiting the Facebook page, that person receives entry into the competition. The person could also share the competition, or subscribe to a newsletter. That would give them more entries into that competition. The reason I think you could include Gleam is because they gather customer information. Let me know how you go, or if it's a little clearer. Cheers, Jonny
  • Hi John, yes I see your point. I'm just thinking about the fastest way such an integration could happen. They offer four features which all kind of need their own purpose and description. At the moment a custom description with our custom service feature would give you the most accurate results. Say you use the capture feature, you'll add a capture clause outlining that this service displays a widget that will then do X, Y with the email address. > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) I suggest you go down that path, I will put Gleam on a list of services to revisit. Hope this helps? Simon
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