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We have a privacy issue

1. When I down load a free app it's fine. When I down load a paid app I get 2 apps not the first updated. 2. The second paid for app has faint letters. 3. When I try to leave a review, I can not. 4. Why can I not leave a review, I have only ever left about 3 reviews in 20 years. 5. When I go on the internet my location changes all the time some time I have 3 pages open and I have a different location on each one. 6. Apps are not the only area I have faint letters on rightmove, the mail,(news paper) estate agents sites. 7. Property all the same price. 8. Issues getting into my email. 9. On loads of blacklists sites why? 10. I have never sent spam out and would not know how to do it. 11. I think it may be possible that I am being slandered since moving 13 years ago, as I am getting issues all the time. 12. Most important myself or my family have never been in trouble with anyone so why is this all happening. I have evidence.
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