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Does Mandrill require a separate privacy policy from Mailchimp?

Hi Nick, you can use the "Add custom service" button to state that you use Mandrill, a tool provided by Mailchimp, for sending transactional emails (such as email confirmation, password change, etc). The point is all about "Hey, we use third parties for delivering and tracking not only email campaigns, but other kinds of emails too!". This is of course the general rule, and if you need a one-to-one check you can always ask to your own legal advisor :)
  • Hi Nick, we just added Mandrill to the list of services. Enjoy :)
  • Mandrill ( ) is a transactional email service (similar to SendGrid) offered by Mailchimp. Does having my privacy policy include Mailchimp cover me, or should I have a separate listing for Mandrill?
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