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Translate it to German

Hi Justin, thank you for proposing yourself, do you have any expertise in the privacy field? Andrea
  • Well, I am a very privacy scared user, as I am using the awesome search engine as default (protects privacy) and am currently establishing a facebook page (it is kind of ironic, but it is an issue, and a nice way to reach people is to have a facebook page) against INDECT. Go to or get infos about INDECT at Sorry if this seems like a bad spam, but I currently have no real experience in writing this stuff (although I read several, I mean 10-20 privacy policies, which is more than some people in their lifes ever). I would merely offer a translation. And last but not least, if you haven't heard about it, try out ;-)
  • get the German language on board. if you want, I could help (I am a native German).
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