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Modal window opens under iframes...

The modal window currently opens underneath any iframes present on the page. Is there any way to fix this? An example can be seen at Many thanks in advance...
  • Thanks for reporting, hands on it!
  • I can't really reproduce it. Here's how it looks like on Google Chrome and Firefox: Can you give tell me which browser and OS you're using? Also take a screenshot if possible :) Thanks, Andrea
  • I can confirm I am seeing this issue when viewing Gareth's example, see screenshot here Issue is only present in chrome 18, firefox 11 and IE 9 don't experience the problem.
  • I seriously fear this is a bug in Chrome 18, since Chrome 19 (beta channel) is ok. I'm trying anyway to find a workaround.
  • I managed to track and find a workaround for this issue. As first, the problem is not ours, but it's with YouTube+Chrome18. Here's a test page: As you can see, the only iframe to overlap is the one on the right. Now you have three choices: - Just don't care - Upgrade to Pro and embed a plain text link to the policy, without the JS that opens the lightbox - Use the old youtube embedding code for your videos, which seems to work (as you can see from the latest video on my test page). The old code is available here:
  • Hi Andrea... Apologies for the lack of response... Thank you very much for your time and effort to track down the cause of the problem... Think I'll take the lazy approach and just wait until Chrome 19 comes out of beta... Can't be long now! :) Thanks again... Gareth
  • Hah ok :)
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