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New EU Cookie Laws

Hi Niall, our privacy policy is *very* accurate about cookies and third party services. The 'cookie law' also requires to ask users for consent *before* the cookie is actually installed, which is a little tricky and requires to seriously rework how javascript snippets work, to put them in a sandbox. That said, we are working on a solution that will: - Automatically sandbox the JS snippets, so that they don't install the cookie without explicit cosent (aka 'allow cookies' button); - Save the user preference on a cross-website basis, so that each user must accept the cookie of each service (es. Google Analytics), only the first time that he lands on a website using it. Your feedback is very welcome :)
  • Hi Andrea, Thanks again for getting back to us so quickly. That all sounds fantastic. Looking forward to seeing and implementing your solution. Best regards, Niall
  • Hi, Just wondering what your stance is regarding the new EU Cookie Laws being enforced at the end of May. Are you planning on updating your Privacy and forthcoming Terms of Use documents to accurately reflect theses new laws? Best regards, Niall
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