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Iubenda or WP plugin for web marketing SEO website?

Hello everyone, I make privacy policy pages with Iubenda on my website about web marketing and seo but I still use the WordPress plugin "Cookie Notice" by dFactory to notify the users.

I'm a SEO and web marketer. I'm a maniac of website optimization. I'm wondering if any of you have some stats to see the differences between the page loading time using the external Iubenda code and the WP plugin.

Which way is better to improve SEO? Internal WP plugin or external Iubenda code?

Thanka a lot.

  • Hi Alessandro,

    Thank you for contacting the iubenda Support Team.

    Unfortunately we do not have stats about the difference in SEO when using our plugin or manually integrating the Cookie Solution code in your site but I would like to suggest you this guide which is precisely about the optimisation of the loading of our Cookie Solution:

    If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us by writing to

    Kind Regards



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