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5-license slot


I have purchased iubenda Privacy & Cookie Policy Generator – Multi-license subscription for 5 license slots.

Currently, I have generated privacy policy and Terms&conditons an app.

Does that I mean I have consumed 2 out of 5 license slots?

I need to generate a Terms and condition for our  website but I get see message - "You have used up all the available licenses in your plan.".

Could you please clarify.


9 people have this problem
  • i am only using 1 Site, with Term, Privacy and cookies and its showing all 5 being used

  • Does Iubenda ever respond to any of these queries? I have the same licensing problem and have had no response. 

  • I have the same problem - must be a bug, i must say it's not a very promising sign there seems to be no support on this forum?

  • Same Problem, not getting a response, I just opened this account.  

  • Same...

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