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Guidance needed pre launch

Hello there,

Can someone please help? I am interested in your services as I need a solution such as this.

But I have never started my own software business and wanted to know if there is anyone I can speak with?

My requirements are below:

I have created my own SaaS software which is a combination of multiple platforms built from the ground up. 

The website is complete but I do not have the following:

Cookie consent
Privacy Policy

Can someone tell me what it is you offer? I.e. Do you offer generic templates and then I have to get these verified by a qualified person?

Or are these safe enough for me to use and I do not need to run these by a qualified professional?

What happens when there is a change in legislation? Do my documents get updated automatically or is this a manual process to have updated?

Also, can you recommend anything else that I might need and have missed please?

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

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