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Blocking of basic shortcode (Flow-Flow Social Wall Plugin) in WordPress

Dear team iubenda,

I am trying to block a social media wall plugin from executing scripts before consent is given by site visitors.

However, it includes scripts through simple shortcode entered on pages.

For example:

[ff id="1"] 

I've read your help documentation about manual script blocking.  Here:

Prior Blocking of Cookies: Manual Tagging (with Practical Examples)

What I got from the article was that I should be able to include the shortcode within the script you provided:

<script class="_iub_cs_activate" type="text/plain" src="code-source.js">


However, I'm not a developer and can only make basic code changes.

Could you please provide me with a solution that would block the code on the page?

This is the plugin I'm referring to:

Thank you for your support.

Best regards,

Christian Stenner

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