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WP plugin is blocking video embed from Vimeo

Hi, I'm using iubenda plugin for wordpress, but it blocks video embed from Vimeo, either accepting or refusing cookies.

Here is an example, if I disable the plugin the video shows correctly beneath the title.

in staging area without cookie plugin works fine

Please note is a link emberd, not an iframe.
What I need to achieve is the possibility for the user to refuse cookies and still watch the video, is it possible?


  • Ciao Fabio, sono mesi che ho lo stesso problema con il codice per embeddare i video. Purtroppo non mi hanno ancora dato una risposta.

    Tu hai risolto?

  • Ciao Eugenio, ho risolto includendo nel codice di emebd di Vimeo il parametro Do not track, che disattiva il tracciamento da parte di Vimeo.

    Così facendo su Iubenda puoi escludere Vimeo dalla lista delle applicazioni che raccolgono dati personali, e il video viene visualizzato anche se rifiuti i cookies.

    --- ENG
    I actually solved the problem adding "do not track" parameter in Vimeo embed, then excluding Vimeo form the tracking services list in Iubenda privacy policy.
    Now the video embed is correctly loading even if the user refuses to accept cookies.

    Vimeo parameters guide:

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  • Urca la miseria io avrà almeno 100 video embeddati da viemo, dovrei entrare in ogni singolo codice e inserire quel parametro.

    Vado a piangere.

  • Non ho capito il passaggio della registrazione predefinita

  • Hey Henry,  I solved as explained above:

    I actually solved the problem adding "do not track" parameter in Vimeo embed, then excluding Vimeo form the tracking services list in Iubenda privacy policy.
    Now the video embed is correctly loading even if the user refuses to accept cookies.

    Vimeo parameters guide:

  • Hello Fabio,

    Thanks for the solution. Only adding a "do not track" parameter made the solution.


  • Same problem, I still haven't solved it

  • Hi

    I was also facing this same issue with the Fashion Shoes site. I just used above mention solution and it worked.


  • Yes, it is possible to allow users to refuse cookies and still watch the video embedded from Vimeo. Ensure that the plugin is properly configured to allow necessary cookies for the Vimeo video to function. In the plugin settings, you should have the option to select specific cookies or categories of cookies that are considered necessary for the video to play.


  • How can we display a placeholder image or even a button to give consent for loading automatically blocked content like Vimeo or YouTube embeds? This can easily be achieved with other cookie/content blockers.

  • To allow users to view Vimeo videos on your WordPress website without requiring them to accept cookies, you may need to adjust the settings within the iubenda plugin or explore alternative solutions. Here are a few steps you can take:

    • Check iubenda Plugin Settings: First, review the settings within the iubenda plugin for WordPress. Look for any options related to cookie preferences and video embeds. Some plugins offer granular control over which scripts or resources are blocked based on user consent preferences.
    • Configure Cookie Consent: Ensure that the cookie consent banner displayed by the iubenda plugin allows users to refuse certain types of cookies while still accessing essential website functionality. You may need to customize the consent banner settings to include an option for users to decline non-essential cookies while still permitting Vimeo video embeds.
    • Implement Lazy Loading or On-Demand Loading: Consider implementing lazy loading or on-demand loading for Vimeo videos. This approach delays the loading of embedded videos until the user interacts with them (e.g., clicks a play button), reducing the need for immediate consent. WordPress plugins like "Lazy Load for Videos" may help achieve this functionality.
    • Use a Privacy-Friendly Video Player: Explore alternative video hosting or embedding solutions that prioritize user privacy and compliance with data protection regulations. Some video players offer privacy-enhancing features and may not require as many third-party cookies or tracking scripts.
    • Custom Development: If necessary, you may need to implement custom code or scripts to achieve the desired functionality. This could involve modifying the behavior of the iubenda plugin or integrating with Vimeo's API to handle video playback based on user consent preferences.
    • Test and Monitor: After making any changes, thoroughly test your website to ensure that Vimeo videos load properly and that users can refuse cookies without encountering issues. Monitor user feedback and website analytics to assess the impact of these changes on user experience and compliance.

    By carefully configuring your WordPress plugins and exploring alternative approaches, you can provide users with the option to refuse cookies while still accessing Vimeo videos on your website. If you encounter difficulties, consider consulting with a developer familiar with WordPress and privacy compliance for additional assistance.

  • Dear Ahmad,

    Thank you for the detailed reply. Following your information, I understand that iubenda doesn't support any manual opt-ins for certain services as a service overlay (instead of the cookie solution itself). Is there any JavaScript hook/function we could use that unblocks the automatically blocked embeds (e.g. Vimeo videos)? We couldn't find any documentation on this. We found that adding a button/link with the "iubenda-cs-preferences-link" class to open the cookie preferences doesn't work as well since the Javascript used to add the button if the embed was blocked will render after iubenda`s Javascript and thus no functionality/hook of iubenda is triggered on click.

    We don't want to introduce more third-party code/plugins to WordPress or alter the Gutenberg default blocks too much. A native solution by iubenda (like it is provided by many competitors solutions) is highly preferable.



  • Hi how to do this