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add to service list?

Hi Nario, Yes in theory you can do a custom manual integration. That will place the service in your privacy policy! However, what you are suggesting is that it may place cookies and therefore you want to make sure the cookies are not set? I cannot find any indication in their privacy policy about cookies? The code should in theory work!
  • ok so i just need to put the code <!--IUB_COOKIE_POLICY_START--> <!--IUB_COOKIE_POLICY_END--> around the iframe and nothing else? thanks
  • Yes Nario, you have to test if they are setting cookies and then put the comments (<!-- cookie_policy etc -->) around it. Again this assumes they are setting cookies and that you are using the WordPress plugin. :)
  • add to service list? or can i just use the code around the iframe when i embed?
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