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Magento Cookie Law Solution plugin

Upvote this thread if you want iubenda to develop a plugin for Magento to simplify the configuration of our cookie solution in this CMS. We decided to create this thread so you can contribute to our roadmap, participate in the discussions about the features you care about, or simply upvote the features you'd like to see released first. If you know other people interested in the same feature, tell them to contribute to this topic. We give priority to the most active threads.

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  • Any update about the Magento Cookie Plugin. I'm desperately waiting for this. And I have net worth site and CMS is WordPress can I use it there ?

  • what to do next if i got it thank you  

  • Sure, I'll upvote this thread! Having a plugin for Magento to simplify the configuration of iubenda's cookie solution would be incredibly useful. It's great that iubenda is engaging with its users to prioritize features and improve their service.

  • Interested in simplifying cookie compliance on your Magento site? Want to streamline configuration with iubenda's cookie solution? Upvote this thread and join the discussion on prioritizing features. Have other CMS needs? Share them here!

  •  I fully support the development of an iubenda plugin for Magento! A dedicated plugin would simplify cookie compliance and improve user experience. Seamless integration is essential for our site, and I look forward to its implementation.

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