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Discussion regarding the iubenda cookie law solution plugin for Prestashop!

Any problems, thoughts and suggestions regarding the iubenda Cookie Law Solution plugin for PrestaShop! can be posted here.

  • good evening, I have installed the plug-in on prestashop 1.6 but does not work. Even if I visit the site for the first time, no cookie information banner appears. I also note that: - If the module is uninstalled, the information of the module remains in the database (the uninstallation procedure is therefore incorrect) - I find it counterproductive to use overrides because if you change the subject and / or an update of Prestashop comes out, these could influence the behavior or do not allow and prestashop to function correctly (Also on the prestashop site it is not recommended to use overrides). Anyway I confirm what I told you that the plug-in version 1.6 of prestashop with a different theme from the default-bootstrap does not work. Ideas on how to investigate? Best regards Leandro
  • Salve, sto riscontrando dei problemi nell'uso del plugin in oggetto sia su 1.6.x che su 1.7.x. Quando attivo il plugin il front-office non viene caricato.
  • Hi, I'm havig problems with iubenda Cookie Law Solution plugin for PrestaShop 1.1.0 on Prestashop

    The option Automatically block scripts detected by the plugin does not work as it does not block any script (cookie) to be load automatically. Even worse, if I set the checkbox to true the module stops loading the cookies consent pop up, who works really well while the check box is set to false. I tried chaging the parsing engine to primary or secondary without any success. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks. Mauricio F.

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