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Hello I would be a happy customer when iubenda took the formidable forms pro wordpress plugin in to the service list. it's a big alternative for gravity forms, ninja forms, jotform, all of them already included. The advantage of formidableforms is a better helpdesk, more possibility's a specially in the world of financial broker, loan simulator tool, mortgage application forms ... this would be a great advantage, futhermore for the GDPR rules, i think the list of user info which is collected, kept and worked with, is to small. A specially for webshops and financial websites/e-commerce theire a lot of user info which needs to be collected legally. For instance for a loans, mortgage application form, the personalia is one thing, but also the applicants workinfo, single or married, the personal info of theire partner, workinfo, if they already have loans, mortgages, theire bank, identiycardnumber, and so one. How and when would you make this possible in the gpdr text you provide?

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