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Wix Cookie Solution Plugin

Please offer a Wix plugin to enable integration of the cookie solution.

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  • I Solved My Issue From This Website

  • Thanks for sharing this information as I was also facing the same problem on my website with your technique I have solved the problem.

  • I am also facing the same issue on one of my website how can I solve this issue?

  • In my situation, there is much to reach an understanding and execute a suitable solution. There may be somebody who knows and will help me, too. Thanks.

  • YES1 That still happens till date

  • I need help. Anyone facing the same issue.

  • I'm also facing these issues on my site lordsapk, now I'm using a clean pro, and now I am satisfied.

  • My wix website amansala problem is solved. 

  • Thank you. 

  • Its amazing

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