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DROP SHIPPING w/ shopify and aliexpress/alibaba

Hey, for privacy policy, I know you guys added Shopify but what about AliExpress too? My Shopify store uses AliExpress for the shipping (drop shipping... I don't touch the product) and was wondering if you have any legal language around this specifically? thank you, - Grant

  • Hello Grant, thank you for this question. The quick answer is that we do not currently offer this drop shipping option/integration within the generator. The longer answer is: With dropshipping and integrating it for all customers we have the problem that we never know who the receiving end of the data actually is. Therefore you can opt to write this kind of disclosure yourself and include all the details that we're not aware of: who is AliExpress what kind of data do they receive, but more importantly, who are the actual retailers and what's the data they're receiving. Hope this helps?
  • "we never know who the receiving end of the data actually is." --> we know it'll be a wholesaler in China. they're all Chinese. does this help at all? could someone at Iubenda help me to write this disclosure? - Grant
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