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  • Hi Shaun, thanks for requesting, we added them to our roadmap of services :)
  • Thanks! we will be purchasing as soon as its ready :)
  • Also would be useful as well: I am sure I will find more, for now I am using the Custom Policy button.
  • Hi Shaun, as of polldaddy, it's probably relevant only if you're using their javascript widget. Talking about Grapeshot, do you use it as a common advertising network?
  • Yes we do/have used the polldaddy JS before, its not a biggie though. Regarding Grapeshot, its a system IDG our ad broker use, both have their own rules/policies though but you should see similarities. Basically our ad codes are Grapeshot which then pass's to IDG's own ad's if grapeshot has not targeted a specific banner.
  • All the clauses for the requested services are now online, let me know your feedback :)
  • Thanks for your work, I am looking at it all now.
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