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Add Google Similar Audiences

Hi John, can you add all the relevant information here such as: - link to the product - link to the policies describing the requirements as per your "this is a requirement by Google". Thanks
  • Please add a policy statement for Google Ads Similar Audiences. This is a requirement by Google. Similar Audiences is not quite the same as Remarketing. It expands the reach of remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). Per Google: Similar audiences is a targeting feature based on first party data lists, most commonly remarketing lists, that helps you expand the reach of your best-performing audiences by targeting new users with similar characteristics to your site visitors. Before you begin Similar audience targeting is available for the Display Network, the Search Network, Youtube, Gmail, Customer Match, and apps. Similar audience lists are automatically created and updated in real time once you have set up at least one eligible list in the Google Ads Audience Center library. It's recommended that you have a remarketing strategy in place before running Similar audiences.
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