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Add a few services (AppSee,, UXCam)

Hi Jeff, these seem like potential additions. Please allow a bit for them to become available as integrations however, I'm adding them to my list for potential services. In the meantime you should make the disclosure yourself via our built in custom services. > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service If you need more info about how it works, . Hope this helps?
  • I would like to +1 AppSee
  • Hi Nicholas, Noted. As for the rest, the same still applies as above: > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ).
  • @Jeff, would you be in touch with anyone at UXCAM? I've asked twice to let me see their privacy policy, but so far I've had no luck/replies. Best, Simon
  • @Jeff, I don't know if you haven't seen the above answer, but Appsee is now ready. @Nicholas, Appsee is ready.
  • Hi Simon, Richard from UXCam here. Privacy details are here: "How will visitor's privacy be affected? Privacy is a top priority for us and we take every effort to protect your visitors’ personal information. UXCam does not collect any personally identifiable information. Face-video is opt-in by you and your users. Sensitive fields are automatically hidden. We also require that you block recording of any sensitive personal or financial information about your visitors by using our API. You can use our API class to censor information entered into form fields to prevent the recording of any element on your page. UXCam takes several steps to ensure your data’s security. All communication are via HTTPS page and data is passed to our servers via SSL which is fully encrypted. We use firewalls to limit access to our servers. We regularly apply updates to servers, OS, firewalls and all our software to prevent security vulnerabilities." also subject to general terms of service: Hope that helps, Richard
  • HI @Richard Groves, glad to have you here. Your link goes (as you are aware) to a faq, but not a privacy policy? We usually use that for an integration with our privacy policy builder. Does UXCam not have one? I'm surprised, because you are based in the UK and your terms require a privacy policy from your users ;) I'm going to use your suggested link for now so our users have something to go on with, I can still update it with a proper privacy policy later on. Best regards and thanks again!
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