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Please add Envato and Siteground

Hi there gendif, I'm not sure entirely if I got your request. Do you want siteground as a hoster added? Or do you want their affiliate system added? In any case I would advise you to start the integration via custom services that you can add yourself. I'm copy pasting you the instructions: > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) Hope this helps? Best regards, Simon
  • Hi Simon, I made a typing error. My request is about affiliate program of Siteground. I know that I can add services manually but Siteground and Envato affiliate programs are widely used
  • Forgive me gendif, browsing Envato Sites, there is not a single mention of affiliate. Is that the right page? Please advise. I'm going to repeat that this may not be the fastest way forward, an integration may make more sense in a custom way. Best regards and thanks for the patience. Simon
  • Please could you add: • Siteground - hosting and affiliate program - • Envato Sites - affiliate program -
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