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Please add support for Modulus Hosting

Hi Nico, I'm adding Modulus to my list for potential integrations. In the meantime you may like to consider adding it yourself. I'm adding some instructions for your convenience: > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) I will update this thread with more information as I have it. Hope this helps? p.s. just out of personal curiosity, what made you switch from Heroku? Simon
  • Hi Simon, thanks for your info! Cheers, Nico P.S.: Modulus provides better scaling capabilities (auto-scaling depending on the traffic and a better load balancer). And I got selected for their startup program with Morningfame. ( :)
  • Hi Nico, thanks for the clarifications. :)
  • Nico, the service is available in the dashboard. Let me know if it works for you, Simon
  • Hi Simon, works perfectly. I just replaced my self-written text with it. Thanks a lot! Nico
  • Great, thanks for the feedback. Simon
  • Modulus ( ) is a hosting provider very similar to Heroku. I think the legal text would be very similar as well. I used Heroku before and use Modulus now. So you might ask me some details about their service.
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