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Paddle Service

Hi Daniel, we are already trying to integrate Paddle as a payment service, we'll also take a look at the tracking feature. I'll let you know here how it goes. If you feel like integrating for yourself, you can do it like this > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) Hope this helps?

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  • Thanks. I will use the custom service feature. Although the reason why I am using iubenda is to not have to write it myself. ;) Looking forward for the Paddle integration.
  • Fair point Daniel, fair point. Just to make this a bit more clear, each time an integration has to go through various stages, the last one is making sure it fits 6 languages. Therefore sometimes it just takes a bit more time. Good luck with Paddle :)
  • No worries. I am glad something like iubenda exists at all. :)
  • It's not that we're not honoring feedback, Daniel :)
  • Hi, not trying to rush you at all (this is a great service as is!) but just checking in to see if you're still working on Paddle support. Wanted to make sure I'm not missing it somehow on the services list. Thanks.
  • Hi Matt you haven't missed it on the list. We haven't moved forward with it yet. The reason is that tools that have various purposes integrated at the same time are somehwat hard to integrate and we encourage users to declare that usage in their own words with a custom service. It is still on our list however. Which features are you using? Is it an all or nothing approach by Paddle or how does it work? Best, Simon
  • A few days ago Paddle added an analytics feature to its framework: It tracks number of installs of an app, the OS version, country and more. The paddle framework is mainly used by developers who want to also sell Mac applications outside of Mac App Store. But the analytics features also work for apps within the Mac App Store as well for apps on the iOS app store. Would be happy to see you to integrate Paddle as a service. Thanks a lot!
  • We need Paddle too, please add this.
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     we  definitily need paddle in there!

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  • Slightly disappointed not to see Paddle included after all this time - upvoting this request!

  • We need paddle integration. It is most important, please add the clause.

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  •  I'd love a Paddle integration!

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