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LeadLander as a service please

Hi Ben, Can you help me understand LeadLander, it looks like there are various separate products. Is that correct? What are you using it for? If we don't go ahead instantly with an integration please consider the possibility to add custom text to your policy like this > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service Best, Simon
  • Hi Simon We primarily use it to help identify which companies are visiting our Website (rather than just which network they're coming from) and once an individual completes a form on our site, all further web activity on our site is tracked against that individual. Thanks for the 'custom service' tip. Regards Ben
  • Hi Ben, Thanks for the insights about your use of the tool, I will try to integrate it with iubenda as an upcoming service. Please bear with me. I'll announce it in here so you don't have to go check every couple of days. Simon
  • Hi there Ben, LeadLander has been officially added. You'll find it in > your privacy policy > add service Best regards, Simon
  • Would appreciate this one as an added service Thanks!
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