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Hi again John, Yeah looks like another thing I might consider adding. Tell me, how are you using it exactly? Are you automatically uploading all of your users/customers into their service? Are you using the "review sticker"?
  • Hi again Simon ;) As we only started using it yesterday, we uploaded a csv file of some recent orders (name, email address and order number). We need to decide how to use it going forward. We're not using the review sticker yet, but have added the TrustBadge to the site. There's an option to have it show on the 'checkout success' page to prompt them to be reminded to review in the future. We might use that. There's more info here - Thanks John
  • Hi there ;) Ok I need to figure out it it fits into an existing category. I'm asking about the review sticker because it seems to be displaying content from a third party which is per se a thing that should be disclosed. It's not relevant if it's just an image banner, however. Same is true here, I'll update as soon as we've added an integration. Best regards, Simon
  • Thanks ;)
  • Ok, I think this is going to stay on the backburner for a bit (also because it's an edge case, once people are on the site of Trusted Shops it's probably heir policies that take over). Why don't you figure out how you're going to use it first. Then announce these facts in yet another "custom service" outlining for example that the specific Data will be shared with Trusted Shops for the purpose of collecting reviews. What I am thinking about however, is to get the widgets (trustbadge and such) done.
  • Ok Simon. We have put a custom service for it. Policies for the widgets etc would be great.
  • Please can you add review system to the list of options please. Thanks.
  • customer reviews
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