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Secure Trading

Hi John, I'll add it to the list of future potential integrations. In the meantime it would be convenient for you to add this application as a "custom service" by > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service If you need more info about how to do this, here's a simple post outlining the process Hope this helps?
  • Hi Simon Thanks. I added it as a custom policy last night (along with Trusted Reviews that I mentioned in the other thread). One thing that would be nice though is to be able to put custom policies under the right heading. ie, Secure Trading is a payment system. Under Handling Payments we only have PayPal at the moment, and our custom Secure Trading is below at the bottom. It'd be great to be able to choose the category each custom policy went under. Overall though I should add I'm really pleased with the service! ;) Thanks John
  • Hi again John, I've already gone ahead and it's in our docs, which need to go through another round of translation and proof checking, which is why it could take a bit until it's available. I will update this thread, once it's ready. You're raising a fair point and I've handed your comment over to the rest of the team. Also, I'm glad you're happy with the service, it's always good to get positive feedback. Simon
  • Thanks Simon!
  • Please can you add to your payment systems. Thanks.
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