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AdBlade and Taboola

Hi, Adblade just added, while as of Taboola we need to check it better since it's different from other services that we already cover, therefore we're going to include it in the next batch of services to add. Andrea
  • Taboola and other content recommendation engines like outbrain and nrelate drive publishers audience to competing publishers for pennies a click. Ive been in publishing a long time, I think critical thinking has left the building. Advertising is what supports the publishing industry...The publishing industry cannot support the publishing see that would mean no new money is coming in. HELP!
  • @John Stroziak - Thanks for your thoughts but they really aren't applicable to my request to have a content recommendation engine added to a Privacy Policy service. You're obviously passionate about the subject otherwise you wouldn't have taken the time to write the comment in a Privacy Policy help forum so hopefully you can find a better place to share your critical thinking skills.
  • Please add support for these services: AdBlade Taboola Both are very popular Ad Networks in the United States.
  • John, even though this has been a while we've finally integrated Taboola as "Taboola Monetize Content". I hope this is still useful to you. It's therefore now available through the app and can be added in your privacy policy's settings screen. Thanks for using iubenda. Let me know if you have any other questions, suggestions or issues. Simon
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