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Add Everyplay as a service
  • Hi there Stereophonic Games, I've quickly checked it out. Can you walk me through here how you plan to/or are using the tool? What's the personal information that's being shared? A quick look has shown the option of a Facecam. If you want to go right ahead you can integrate it with a custom clause (your own words, your own clause) by doing the gollowing. > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service Hope this helps and do let me know.
  • It lets the user record their gameplay of the mobile game and then upload the video to the Everyplay website. Optionally, they can record from their facecam and microphone as well, on top of the gameplay.
  • Ok, I've added it to our list internally. I can't promise a swift release however, because this is something we haven't done before. Therefore we need some new wording that could take a while. Again if you can't wait please just add the relevant information via a custom service > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service Describe what the service does and how, where they are based, then link to their privacy policy ( ) Hope this helps and thank you for the suggestion.
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