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Please add inspectlet and getdrip in the list of tools supported

Hi Juan Carlos, I'm adding those two to the list, thanks for the suggestion. We're currently working down those requests so expect them to be done at some point. Best, Simon
  • Hi Simon, I'm from Decibel Insight. Would you be able to add Decibel Insight too? It's long established but only recently launched as a product in its own right, and offers the most advanced saas visitor replay, heatmap and form analytics available likened by Gartner to IBM's Tealeaf. It shows video-style replays of website visitors including all Ajax and JavaScript animations, errors and more, with highly accurate mouse movements. Please me know and we can set you up with an account. Ben
  • Hi there, I should be good to go but can't hurt to have someone listening inside the company. Would you mind shooting me an email at simon at iubenda? :)
  • Sure Ben, get in touch with me at simon at iubenda. Happy to talk about the integration, too. Simon
  • Will do
  • Hi guys, we've integrated the requested services and they're available from the generator. Best, Simon
  • Thanks Simon. Ben.
  • inspectlet: user session recording, like clicktale but much cheaper and very good. getdrip: very good tool for increasing conversions using email autoresponders
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