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Zendesk and UserVoice services?

Hi Jakub, thank you for asking. We've been working on completely revising our privacy policy and we'll publish the result within 2 weeks. We also added many more services, I think we're more than doubling the number. UserVoice was already included, while I'll add Zendesk to the list. A little more patience, we're almost there :)
  • Thank you Andrea. For what it's worth I purchased the pro version yesterday only to sadly realize that we're unable to use the policy because of the gaps. I'll be looking forward with great hope to the new version - we absolutely love iubenda!
  • Thank you for the love, really, we're heads down to fill the gap :) Andrea
  • Hi Andrea, just a quick question if I can still expect a new release this week. Our customer is pressuring us to deliver our privacy policy.
  • We'll launch at the beginning of the next week, but if you can drop a line at with the details about the privacy policy I can solve the problem on your single case by hand. Thank you for the patience :)
  • Andrea - my apologies for the contant nagging. Do you have an ETA?
  • Two more service suggestions: Zendesk and UserVoice into the Mailing (or new Support) category. Any ETA?
  • I need ZenDesk as well
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