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Facebook clauses - add FIRST NAME

Hi Grant, Let me research that for you. That sounds like a reasonable request. Simon
  • Alright Grant, the system was set up that way because it reflects the permission that Facebook sets. Unless something changed, when you want the name you need to access to the basic information permission. However we are aware of a little shortcoming of that particular clause. The problem is that no one ever only collects the name, is that what you do?
  • Under the clause "Access to Facebook account", I don't see anywhere just to add First Name ! I don't need user's whole "About Me" section. Just their First Name. Where can I specify First Name is what app will pull from Facebook? (NOT last name... don't need their last name) When I emailed Iubenda support, I was told I'd have to add this as custom clause. That is ridiculous - it shouldn't have to be custom. It's FIRST NAME, that should be fundamental. I shouldn't have to make that custom. Why isn't there a FIRST NAME field selection under the Facebook clauses?
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