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Content Commenting

Hello Amajjika, Interesting that this has not been pointed out so far. Most people seem to be using third party commenting systems. Anyways, I've made that change for you and added a data type "website". Let me know if this helps? Best regards, Simon
  • Thanks for making the change. Perhaps people weren't looking at the detail? Most third party commenting systems like disqus include website/URL - it's a key feature for SEO backlinking.
  • Hi again Amajjika, yes I know very well what you are trying to say. I was just saying that those are another type of integration where the personal data types are defined by us (and the third party service). Let me know if there's anything else I can help you with, best regards Simon
  • The list of items that we are able to select related to personal data we collect using a comment system managed directly is insufficient. Through our Wordpress website we also collect URL (which is why blog comments get spammed so much). It would be good if you updated the list.
  • The options available to us in relation to the personal information we get through a comment system that is directly monitored are insufficient. We also collect URLs through our Wordpress website, which is why blog comments are so frequently spammed. If you could update the list, that would be great.

  •  looking fine for them  

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