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It's possible to add some bookmaker (sport, casino, gambling) affiliations as service in iubenda?

Hi Marco, I've read your requests, unfortunately we're very busy with working on our cookie solution so you have to be a bit patient. You should do custom integrations for these services: > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) Hope this helps? Simon
  • Many of this bookmaker ( paddy, betfair,williamhill and casinoyes) install cookie only with Banners, and this is third party cookie, we should add a link to the privacy policy. Please add another gambling bookmaker - - thanks
  • i fixed it by hosting the banner on my own server, for now, but yes, having them in the policy would be a better long term solution
  • I don't undestand, why hosting your banner in your server should be a solution ? What i find is that the majority of bookmaker affiliations gives you a simple link (an a href....) and and image hosted on their server. WHen you click the image or the link the browser redirects to their site, and there they install some cookies. In this case i think we should not worry about this cookie and should not mention them on the cookie policy in our website because they aren't installed when the user is inside our website. But an answer from a law expert should be better. Also consider that if you host the image on your server, when they add a new banner/promotion you have to change the image on your server too. I don't understand why you think this is a solution :)
  • yes, generally yes, but i've seen some cookies even when you open the img banner (to track impressions, probably) . Btw, i'm just a user, i'm not from iubenda :)
  • Hi, i have many sites on which i use affiliation programs with various bookamakers in Italy, and also some of my friends have many similar sites too, so we are interested in using iubenda to comply with the italian cookie and privacy law for these kind of affiliations too. It's possible to add these bookmakers as services, so they are shown correctly in the privacy policy and in the cookie policy, with the links to the thirdy party (bookmaker) privacy/cookie policy too ? The affiliations i use are through the bookmaker itself (they have their own affiliation programs and panels, i don't use Tradedoubler or similar). Some of the bookmakers i use (in order of importance) are the following: - (affiliate panel: for the italian users which uses our websites, and for the non-italian users which uses our websites). - (affiliation panel: - (affiliation panel: ) - (affiliation panel: ) - SNAI (affiliation panel: ) - Unibet (affiliation panel: ) - Betsson (affiliation panel: ) - StarCasino - William Hills - Interwetten (affiliation panel: - (affiliation panel: ) - PokerStars (affiliation panel: ) We also use affiliation from Aruba services (Now called AMM Srl), which are not related to bookmakers, but to service sold by Aruba (hosting, domains, etc...): Thanks!
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