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Social button for Reddit share is not available within services

Hi Marco, you can always add a custom service as you probably know: > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service ( ) Can you please link to more information about the reddit button? Thanks Simon
  • Hi Simon, yes i know i can add a custom service, but it's better if you can add an ad-hoc service for reddit too because of your expertise and knowledge in law. I could add my custom service but i don't know if that service will be fully compatible with law, so i prefer i you could study the reddit button / privacy / cookie info and create an ad-hoc service with all the requirements by the italian law. You can find the reddit button codes here: In the same site ( you should find the info you need to understand how the reddit privacy/cookie works, so that you can create a service for that social share button too. Thank you! :)
  • Basically, if you don't know how it works, reddit is a social site where people can post links or posts about some topics. Each topic is a reddit, for example there is a topic for recipes here where people can post links to recipes sites/blog or post text containing info or questions about that topic. Each "topic" has their own rules (usually you find the rules in the right side). When you put the reddit share button in your site/blog you allow your users to post the article of your blog to a reddit topic, so that people that follow that topic on reddit can see the link to your article in your blog.
  • Hi, i saw that the social share button for is not present thorugh the iubenda services. I used this button on some of my websites, but for now i have to remove it because iubenda doesn't have it in their services. Could please add it ?
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