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Instabug not listed as service

Instabug ( ) is not listed as a third party service. Instabug is an in-App feedback for mobile apps.
  • Hi Souhail, thank you for the suggestion. Looks like an interesting tool. However it doesn't look like they even have a privacy policy. I'm going to email them. In the meantime, please feel free to just add it as a custom clause just doing the following, > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service Hope this helps?
  • Thanks :). Any news from their end?
  • Hi Souhail, No news from them so far unfortunately. I expect it will happen eventually. If you have a more direct contact than me, please feel free to tell them....
  • Souhail, the privacy policy is ready (they did not notify us). Therefore I went ahead with the integration. One thing is unclear in the sense that I'm not entirely sure of the company's headquarters. They're apparently in both Egypt and the States (again, the company did not get back to me on this): I've filed it under USA, since the legal documents seem to be under American law. Simon
  • Thank man! Great follow up.
  • I just added it but the section abotu personal Data is empty. It just lists: "Personal Data collected: " and nothing in front of the two dots.
  • Hi Souhail, sorry that was a caching issue, try again?
  • It works.Thanks.
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