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Parse Analytics is not included as a Service.

I'm building an iOS app for kids. I'm using Parse Analytics for app usage data collection. Can I have that added?
  • Hi Ishmeet, Parse Analytics added to our services roadmap :) Andrea
  • I can't see it!
  • Hi Tristan (and Ishmeet), Parse has not been added yet, but it's indeed still on the list of services to be implemented. We'll give notice here when it does.
  • would love to see this happen soon
  • I understand. I'm currently going through all services and will try to make it happen. Btw. you can just add a custom service in your policy, which will help out until we get it done. > edit/add privacy policy > add service > create custom service Hope this helps. Sorry for it taking its time, but Parse is more complicated than current services.
  • Hi there guys, Parse Analytics has been implemented as a service. Basically we held back because of the whole package they're offering, but decided just to add a "Parse Analytics" clause.
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